Selling Your Home? Here are Property Improvements that Will Add Value

Posted on: 26 October 2017

If you are preparing your home for sale, you may be wondering what kind of home improvements will add the most value to it. With the prevailing market trends and stiff competition in the Australia's real estate market, ensuring that your property is physically appealing to buyers is a crucial requirement if you want to sell fast. Property improvements can either be low-cost methods or expensive, and all can significantly increase the returns on investment. Here are some of the top improvements that will add value to your property as you prepare to resell it.

Clean the home

Two major factors affect the listing of the property on the market: the price and appearance of the house. Cleaning is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to improve the appearance of the home and attract potential buyers. Buyers will choose a clean home over a messy one that will require a lot of work after closing the deal. Hire professional cleaners to carry out an intensive cleaning of the floors, fixtures, walls, appliances, furniture and furnishings, and other items within the home. Clean the outdoor area by mowing the lawn, getting rid of weed in the gardens, trimming trees, and washing the driveway and pathways.

Repaint the property

Few things are more appealing than a house with a fresh coat of paint. This can quickly impress buyers even before they view the interior of the house. Chipped paint not only affects the appearance of the home but it also reduces its value. Consider repainting both the interior and exterior walls in the home. Ensure that the chosen colors complement the rest of the home's décor. If possible, go for neutral hues rather than bold, bright ones which may not settle well with all the potential buyers.

Remodel some rooms

Does your property feel too old-school compared to other within the area? If so, you can consider remodeling some areas to increase their value. The most critical rooms to renovate are the living room, kitchen, and bathrooms. You can remodel to increase space, include modern additions such as new kitchen splashbacks and cabinets, install a bathtub in the bathroom, add new floors, revamp the driveway, and so on. Be careful not to spend too much on remodeling as the listing price must be within the range of the property prices in your area.

Follow these tips to add value to your property and potentially increase your returns on investment. Seek the help of a real estate agent so that they can help you choose improvements carefully and avoid overspending on the same.