3 Effective Considerations To Spot A Good Location For Your Bakery

Posted on: 20 November 2017

If you've decided to open a small bakery, then you've got to consider a number of factors to make it successful. From baking equipment to food handling licenses, everything requires careful consideration – including the location you choose. Here are some effective ways to spot a good location for your bakery's success.

Visibility – Your Bakery Should Be Easy To Find

When you first open your bakery, it's unlikely that people know who you are, so you must choose a high-visibility location that is easy to find. For example, a location on the ground floor that opens up to a busy street will fetch walk-in customers more easily than a bakery situated on the first floor of the same building. The bakery should not only be visible, but it should also be easily accessible to both automobile traffic and pedestrians.

Proximity To Related, Non-Competing Businesses – Your Bakery Could Benefit From Similar Customer Profiles

There is no sense to opening up a brand new bakery next to a more established one if you're looking to make a name for yourself. Instead, look at the opportunity to open up your bakery next to related, non-competing businesses to benefit from a similar pool of customers. For example, your location next to a party store could help you benefit from their customers looking to place cake and cupcake orders and don't want to travel to multiple locations. Similarly, you could also benefit from being near office spaces with plenty of coffee drinkers and muffin eaters.

Area Type – Your Bakery Could Benefit From Being Around Mixed-Use Spaces

Sometimes it's hard to decide whether you want to be in a residential area or commercial area. A residential area is usually buzzing during weekends but can be quiet on weekdays, while it's the exact opposite with commercial areas. Slow sales days can be extremely frustrating when you first open your bakery and need a continuous stream of revenue pouring in. A good way to combat this is to consider mixed-use spaces where you can benefit from office goers on weekends and residents on weekends. Typically, areas around public transport buses and train stations tend to offer mixed-use spaces, which could be extremely beneficial when you first open your bakery. While you need to be prepared to shell out higher rents for these types of areas, the return could be well worth it in the long run.

Opening up your own bakery can be extremely rewarding, especially if you want to showcase your baking talent to the world. Consider these location factors when looking for a commercial property to rent, and talk with real estate services to find some of the best places in town that meet these location factors.